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Spray Foam Insulation

Conventional insulation often does not reach small spaces where joist ends, rim-joists, and frost walls with multiple tie-ins exist. For these difficult to access areas, our company offers state-of-the-art spray foam insulation. Our versatile spray foam insulation provides year round protection and enhanced energy efficiency to your greater Edmonton or Calgary region house. Prior to a home inspection to determine whether or not spray foam insulation is the product you should use our Edmonton spray foam insulation contractors ask that you conduct the “spray foam insulation inspection” that follows:

  • All cladding must be removed so entire surfaces are visible to give us full access to the areas of your home that require spray foam insulation.
  • A common request is for Edmonton Insulation to open up walls or to remove cladding. As much as we would like to help, our staff members are professional insulators and do not possess the resources or tools necessary to perform these services. If you require general contracting services, we suggest that you consult this BBB list of accredited home renovation companies.
  • Any moisture problems must be addressed on site prior to considering spray foam insulation as it is not a solution to seal over water damaged areas, especially if the source has not been resolved. If our spray foam insulation is installed on a wet surface it will be prone to de-laminate.

During their in-home visit with you our Edmonton spray foam insulation experts will discuss the numerous advantages you will benefit from with our spray foam insulation products, including its 10 year workmanship warranty. Edmonton Insulation offers two types of spray foam insulation, each with their own characteristics. Due to its ability to expand, open cell spray foam insulation (half-pound foam) is perfect for tight spaces. It's very affordable and possesses great sound proofing attributes. Close cell spray foam insulation (two-pound foam) has a higher R-value per depth inch with a minimum 2” depth application which effectively seals all penetrations and acts as a terrific attic vapor barrier. Once you have selected from our two styles of spray foam insulation, our staff asks that you complete this “spray foam insulation installation to-do list”:

  • Your home must be vacated for 24 hours after our spray foam insulation is installed to ensure proper off-gassing. The details are contained in this waiver which is required for all lived in residences. Please take this health and safety measure into account when considering the viability of your residential insulation project.
  • The areas that are to receive spray foam insulation must be fully cleared of dust, debris, and other loose particles as our foam agent is applied at a very high rate of speed. This ensures the safety and quality of our spray foam insulation installation process.
  • All spray foam insulation must be covered by an approved thermal barrier such as drywall.or an approved thermal fiber like Hibar.

Our Edmonton spray foam insulation experts have frequently been asked about the safety of our spray foam insulation materials. Edmonton Insulation is dedicated to providing quality insulation materials that are safe for our employees to work with and free from hazards for our clients and end-users. We exclusively install Icynene spray foam products. For detailed information about this spray foam insulation please read the following spray foam insulation overview and H&S documentation.

To find out if spray foam insulation is the right choice for your investment, contact our Edmonton spray foam insulation specialists. Ask for a free in-home consultation and quote. Our company serves homeowners and developers in and around the cities of Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Airdrie, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Okotoks, Cochrane, Stony Plain, Strathmore, High River, and Canmore. Besides spray foam insulation, we also offer high-quality blown-in insulation and commercial insulation. All of our insulation products and services are eligible for our money saving customer referral program and financing options. Our Edmonton spray foam insulation contractors many talents are showcased in our FAQs and client reviews, so give them a read!


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